Gone are the days when you used to drive men crazy with a sexy branded perfume. Do you want to add colour in your personal life? It’s good news for all the women who are looking for a reason to lure his guy. A European Company Ballerina has come up with a new exciting hosiery range called Hush Hush. According to Bally Chohan, this range will have stockings, tights and bridal hosiery, packed with pheromones. It is a chemical that can drive a man madly.

Bally Chohan says, this sexy lingerie line is safe and hygienic. It only contains a synthetic version of the chemical. Hush Hush are designed delicately and beautifully to suit your taste. Hopefully, this will soon find a place in all women’s wardrobes. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your dream men down with these sensuous lingerie and enjoy your sex life.

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