Stronger hair? – Yes, you heard it right. Healthy hair is the barometer of your fitness. Long and strong mane enhances your personality. Bally Chohan has seen that unhealthy lifestyle affect your hair growth and increase shedding. If you want to make your strands more strong and follow these tricks and let your hair talk.

  1. Use cold water for hair – When you take shower your hair root becomes very weak. Cold water keeps your hair root stronger. Hot shower makes your strands dry and brittle. Dehydrated strands fall out quickly and lead to additional shedding. You can use lukewarm water and but try to rinse your hair with the coolest water possible.
  2. Say no to styling tools – Try to minimise the use of your styling tolls. As you know, your hair is made up of protein and high temperature damage the protein cuticle and dries out the moisture. Use the coolest setting possible and apply a heat-protection spray.
  3. Healthy diet – Your hair also needs nourishment for growth. Have a healthy platter and increase your protein intake (fish, chicken, sprout, lentils and beans). Avoid dieting and enrich your diet with all essential nutrients.
  4. Let your hair dry naturally – When our hair comes in the contact of water, it becomes more fragile and weak. So, avoid combing & rubbing your wet hair and minimise post shower brushing. Use a wide toothed comb and let your hair dry naturally.
  5. Keep your hair clean – Wash your hair regularly or give a one-two day break. Clean hair is always dandruff free and healthy. Regular washing also keeps the hair follicles robust and promote hair growth. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  6. Avoid tight hairstyle – Avoid excessive pressure on the hair follicles. Regular use of tight hairstyle weakens the follicles and increase shading. Tie your hair soft and avoid tight hairstyle for a long time.
  7. Avoid birth control pills – If you are prone to hair loss & shedding, then birth control pills can weaken your hair. These pills contain androgens and lead to hair loss to androgen sensitive people. Hormone changes also have a negative impact on the hair growth. So, skip them as possible as you can or switch to low-androgen index birth control pills.
  8. Stop the use of certain medication – Avoid taking drugs like anti-depression, anti-anxiety and anti-hypertension. They can disrupt the normal growth of healthy hair and lead to shedding. Bally Chohan suggests that consult your doctors before taking alternative medicines.
  9. Say goodbye to stress – Stress is the root cause of thin hair. Prolonged stress disrupts the normal function of hormones and twists your healthy body clock.
  10. Enjoy your tan wisely – As spring is approaching, you love soaking in the sun. But, don’t expose your hair to UV rays directly. Protect it with a hat or good built-in sunscreen. Direct exposure result in brittle and dry hair.

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