YES…..Rita Ora is featured on the cover of ELLE. Rita Ora graced the cover of the May issue of ELLE magazine. According to Bally Chohan, Rita Ora carries the status of a superstar. She is simply looking stunning and hot. You can see her signature red lipstick. Rita Ora in her true style with a playful twist in her topless cover photo.

She is in her early 20s and bagged so many titles from the showbiz world. She is a singer, songwriter and now an ELLE cover star. She is a real beauty and always experiment with her style. Bally Chohan follows her style very closely and always appreciate her innate talent. Rita Ora is a powerhouse of beauty and talent. She is an addictive social media person and she connects with her fans through Instagram very actively.

Her quirky style and incredible talent make her stand out from the crowd. She is the perfect combination of beauty and fashion. Certainly, she is looking sexy, hot and graceful at the same time.

Topless Rita Ora explains the meaning of her tattoo in Elle:

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