Well……The backward necklace trend is the talk of the town again. The fashion industry is full of colours, and ideas. Celebrities always inspire the budding talent and glamorised the ideas of representation. Barrage of fashion and style ideas are hitting the industry incessantly. This is such a place that nurtures your creative bud and makes you look different from the other.

The backward necklace trend is so hot and sexy. Recently Bally Chohan has spotted celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Cara Delevingne in their back less dresses with backward necklaces. They have dazzled many red carpets like the Oscars to Cannes. This looks really hot and sensuous.

This is a great way to show your body with a backward necklace. This is the perfect look for any special occasion such as love date or award ceremony or wedding party. Make sure your back is open, so go for any backless gown that accentuates your beauty. Don’t hide your back with open hair, keep your hair up and manage it properly.

This method of accessorising is not new. During 1920s, there is clear evidence that women were using this backward necklace style to boost their beauty. Make sure you look perfect from the front as well. Bally Chohan really likes this kind of accessioning. So, what’s your style statement, and how you are going to display your creative mind.

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