Are you struggling to understand the new fashion lingo? Do the new fashion phases make you perplexed? Bally Chohan Fashion picked up some most talked about fashion word of this season. Enjoy this crisp lexicon and encode the fashion industry with Bally Chohan.

Countless of new fashion words are hitting the industry incessantly. The moment you know the meaning of a word another new word starts trending in the industry. People just struggle to find out the meaning of these fancy words such as ‘body-con’ or ‘the cigarette pant’. Bally Chohan offers you this handy collection of fashion words that will make you understand about the new age fashion world.

Head – If you are capable enough to treat yourself royal, but fail to carry it. Wealthy but awful dresser.

Summer Black – Black is everywhere. When you wear black in summer than is it called summer black dresses.

Blanket – Don’t misunderstand this word by thinking of an accessory for sleeping. The word takes a place in the high-end fashion industry and been used for a coat. Burberry branded this word for autumn/winter 2014 collection. It named the collection ‘’blanket ponchos’’. So, don’t feel shy by using this word for your daily wear coat.

Pradasphere – It generally happens when one company acquires another company then combination give a birth to a new word. This is the same case, when Prada acquired Harrods then it became Pradasphere. In Pradasphere café you can enjoy Prada cakes, and exquisite collections of Prada as a token luxury.

Slides – This word is associated with backless and open toed sandals. So, during summer you will be bombarded by this fashion lingo. So, prepare yourself for all the fashion jargons of this season.

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