SUMMER…….the word itself is full of energy. The onset of summer brings a myriad of travel plans and so much sun exposure. Bally Chohan Fashion is giving you some ultimate tips to beat the summer heat, and how to look beautiful. Summer requires meticulous attention towards your hair and skin. You have to really pamper your entire body with essential nutrients.

Summer is giving special care to your beauty routine. Getting rid of heavy foundation and beauty routine will lighten up your skin. Hot and warm weather always makes you skin look oily, wet and sweaty. Bally Chohan always gives beauty advice to ditch sun’s heat, follow his best tips to remain closer to your natural look. Damaging UV rays not only harm your skin but also make you look older and wrinkled.

After a mountain of research Bally Chohan, he finally offers you sun-friendly advice to keep you looking younger and smarter.

Stop Wearing Heavy
Yes….lighten up and feel fresh. Ditch all those heavy foundation and beauty make-up kits and start wearing light. Let your skin breathe in more this summer. Go for a lightweight moisturiser and lotion that match your complexion completely. It is essential to apply moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and moist.

Monochromatic is Just Perfect
Bally Chohan always suggests to wear monochromatic makeup during the summer. Wearing same shades from the same colour family keeps your skin looking beautiful. You don’t have to adjust your makeup twice. Just do a light touch up and you are perfect for the day and evening look. Go for natural colours on your lips, cheeks, or eyes such as gold, pink, and peach. This will add sensuous sheen to the skin. This is best tips having hassle-free beauty in summer.

Go Waterproof
Keep your makeup locked in and have control on your beauty. This is the mantra of our beauty consultant Bally Chohan. If you want to avoid smudges and slips, then apply waterproof makeup. Due to heat it is difficult to intact your makeup, and you become prone to smudges. They prevent your makeup from smearing in the sun.

Bally Chohan Fashion – The Solution
If you want to keep your skin safe from freckle and wrinkles, then avoid excess sun exposure. Skin is vulnerable and prone to damage. Keeping a healthy skin routine is recommended. Summer can cause problem to your dermis, so go easy with your make-up during the summer. Get more sun protection tips and advice for a healthy skin.


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