What is your lip care therapy for this summer? Every season requires different care therapy, so as summer. Weather affects your lip very badly and makes it dry. I know you must be wondering, why we are discussing about lips. But do you know, lip is the most sensuous and the most ignored part of our body. According to a research done by Bally Chohan, 77 out of 100 women tend to ignore their lip. Lip care is always overlooked and downright. A healthy and soft lip enhances your sex appeal and adds value to your beauty. Lip care should be added into your everyday beauty regimen. Broken and cracked lip is a sign of unhealthy lifestyle.

Why to use Lip Balm?
Luscious and rosy lips make you stand out from the crowd and increase your beauty quotient. Our lip also requires essential oils and moisturiser to keep it soft and healthy. There are a plethora of lip balm varieties available in the market. Just choose your favourite flavour and ingredients. Lip balms not only nourish your lips, but also make it luscious and smooth.

Pick Your Flavour:
You can customise your lip balm according to your choice. You just need beewax or coconut oil, flavour and your favourite tint. Choose your flavour such as coconut & rose, peppermint, hemp & honey, strawberry, chocolate, mint and many more. They are natural yet effective and provide sensual experience. Bally Chohan personally likes cocoa flavour and shea butter, they smell delicious and nourish your lip naturally.

• One single step can make your lips, beautiful and rosy. Carry your lip balm where ever you go. Keep your lips moisturised all the time.

• Night care is very crucial. After your dinner, make sure your clean you lip and remove your lipstick.

• Apply your lip balm gently before you hit your bed.

• Drink more fluid and liquid. Water is very important for your entire system, it keeps your body moisturised and abstain from dehydration.

• Use a natural scrub for your lip to clean off the dead skin.

• Don’t lick your lips. Make sure your lip is soft and shiny.

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