SAILING….SURFING…..SNORKELLING…….what more you are expecting in this holiday. The most awaited time of the year…..yes…it’s time to add some fun and happiness to your life account. Bally Chohan gives you some new season advice on protection of skin and hair.

Why to Protect?

Mineral rich sea water is very tough on the skin and hair. When it comes with drying winds and scorching sun, then it becomes the most dangerous for our body. It is really a tough challenge to protect your hair and skin, so be extra careful this holiday with Bally Chohan.

• If you are worrying about your beautiful mascara, then opt for waterproof conditioning mascara. This will gives you an extra boost to your mascara and you will also look beautiful in the water.

• Sunscreens have a heap of benefits. It is paramount for holiday. If you want to reduce the sign of ageing, go for high quality of sunscreens. It contains antioxidants, that help you ward off ageing and wrinkles. Protect your skin and apply cheeks and nose. For a healthy and supple skin, don’t compromise on your sunscreens.

• Lip is the most glamorous part of our face. It needs special care and attention during the holidays and when you are on the beach. To protect your lip getting chap so quickly, apply a good lip balm. To give extra boost, then apply a hint of colour. This will help you accentuate your beauty and will protect your lip from damage.

• Sea air, salt and UV rays can cause havoc on your hair. Your hair requires a special care during this summer. Generously apply a protective hair conditioner to keep your hair luscious and healthy.

• Use good quality skin products and shell some extra money for your beautiful body this summer. Use a sunscreen that is sweat-proof, water proof and can quickly absorbed.

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