World Cup fever has enveloped everybody – FIFA is becoming fashionable year by year. Bally Chohan always encourages the idea of mixing fashion and sports. Who says, fashion can’t be mixed with sports. This exquisite brand is enjoying its proudest moment with FIFA World Cup. This is really a prestigious moment for the Louis Vuitton to design the 2014 FIFA World Cup case.

The FIFA solid-gold world cup trophy case is meticulously designed by the Louis Vuitton. Bally Chohan has confirmed that this is the second time association of this brand with the FIFA. In 1851, Louis Vuitton had designed the trunk for the America Cup. This is really a great move for the fashion industry to entering into the field of sports.

While approached, this company said, “The case opens from the front and at the top to allow the trophy to be easily removed when, at the final game on July 13, it will be delivered to the captain of the winning game.”

This majestic World Cup trophy has the combination of three metals such as pure gold, brass and malachite. The much-awaited final match will showcase this covetous World Cup trophy to the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

This French company has added a one more golden feather to its kitty. This prestigious trophy really deserves an accolade and appreciation. Bally Chohan Fashion – one step closer to your fashion world.

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