What is your favourite destination for your summer escape? Have you packed your luggage? Bally Chohan has recently visited Maldives and has something to offer you. He has prepared this bucket list for you to make travel happier and exciting. However, these must-haves beauty luxuries are ready to squeeze into your travel bag. Holiday is always exciting and this excitement bubble burst when we forget our beauty essentials at home. Follow this bucket list carefully before you hit your favourite destinations.

Replace Big Bottle Perfume
Bigger is always heavy. Instead of taking a big bottle of perfumes, it’s advisable to carry a small one or carry a solid perfume. Make a small space in your travel bag for your favourite fragrance.

Liquid Soap
When you are on holidays, you don’t require big soap. Take small liquid shower soap, instead a solid one. You can easily fit into your wash bag.

UV Moisturiser
Pamper your skin when you are on holiday. This is one of the must-haves things of your travel bag. Skin dries our very quickly during the summer, so make sure you have got the best UV moisturiser. IT’s not only protects your skin from the sun and sea, but also keeps your skin healthy and supple.

Lip Balm
Lip becomes chapped when you are out, especially when you are on holiday. You buy a good lip balm that will help you keep your lip moisturised through from day and night.

Face Wipes
Wipe out all dust particles from your face easily with face wipes. This is handy and very effective. Just splash cold water on your face and moisturise it afterwards. Best and easiest skin care options for your radiant holiday.

Hair Lotion
Take care of your luscious locks with a good hair lotion. Summer has to blame for rough and dry hair. So, carry your hair lotion and keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Bally Chohan Fashion – Have you packed your travel bag? Not yet, then follow this bucket list for your perfect holiday travel.


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