One word for Blazer….It enhances your personality. Lightweight blazers are the must-haves outfit in the men’s wardrobe. Bally Chohan has huge collections of lightweight blazers. Lightweight blazers complete your outfit. It is perfect for the summer to carry a lightweight blazer for a party or for a meeting. There are many ways a man can nurture his stylish edge, one of the important elements is a smart blazer. This is gentleman signature style. Break the shackle of not wearing a blazer during summer. Now add some style and colour to your personality.

What a smart blazer offers you a high-quality fabrics and best workmanship. This is must for your wardrobe, not because they look cool, but also it elevates your persona. Lightweight blazer is the perfect additions to your outfits that go perfect with a casual and professional look.


A lightweight blazer offers you a second skin and gives your ensemble an elegant look. This is extremely a viable option for the new season. A blazer has become the epitome of bewitching style of men’s fashion. If you want to look gentlemanly, then pick your blazer and walk with your style.

There are some important buying tips that Bally Chohan has to share with you. Spent a good amount of time when you are planning to buy a blazer for yourself. Do some researches beforehand such as, type of fabrics, colours, fit and latest fashion. The market has many varieties and styles for yourself, but you have look for the best that suits you. According to the latest fashion trends double-breasted and two-button blazer are the most stylish and in vogue. Patch pockets and unstructured shoulders are the best for the casual look. Always go for the best fit, make sure your blazer is not too tight and not too lose.

When you have zeroed in on the fit, then now it’s time to select the colour. Go for the colour that best suits your wardrobe. For casual options, go for brown and dark toned colour. Any shades of blue can go well with your personality. Blazer makes you look dapper and incredibly smart. So which style you are wearing today?

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