Nothing to be afraid or ashamed of when you are 40! This is just a number.  We at Bally Chohan Fashion always believe that you are as young as you feel at your heart. But there are certain changes in life style and fashion that one has to make in order to reflect maturity.

Don’t take me wrong. A mature person doesn’t have to look old. A mature lady can still be powerful, vibrant and look dignified. The society these days is extremely fitness conscious. There is every possibility of you looking as fit in 40’s as you were in 20’s. However this does not give you right to wear revealing cloths.

One thing is for sure that the time has changed your body. You now need to look for clothes that easily fit your mature curve. When you were young, you always dress up in way that you get noticed by others. But the growing age has changed you in way that now you don’t always look forward to get noticed but you want to connect intellectually also. You want everyone to notice your achievements and appreciate your accomplishments.

Points to remember while dressing up while you are in forties are:

-          Use light makeup

-          Change your style

-          Look for accessories as per your age

-          Make full use of your weekends

-          Use heavy foundation

Light Makeup

You have seen many ups and downs in life during past forty years. Now the time has changed. Grey hair and darkened teeth reflects your age. The first thing you can do is to whiten your teeth. Get a good hair cut. Teenage girls are often in habit of putting strong makeup in order to look older than their age. Now it’s time for you to feel and look like your daughter and not like your mom.

Style Statement

When you are in your forties, make sure to dress in a respectable way. There are certain wardrobe essentials that will definitely help you in looking elegant.

First and foremost in your wardrobe is a black dress. You should always have a black dress in your wardrobe.

Don’t throw away your expensive jeans. You can wear jeans at any stage of your life. This is the best casual outfit.

Being in 40 does not mean that you are dead. You have every right to enjoy your late night parties. But definitely you need some sort of support in some of your body parts. No harm in going for support bras.

Party Hard During Weekends

You can always party hard, no matter if you are over forty. Jeans is the best dress for weekends. You can still look amazingly fit in a pair of jeans. No need to wear age old jewellery. You can opt for studs instead.

Always use heavy foundation

By foundation I don’t mean facial foundation. By foundation I mean solid footwear. Always remember to opt for correct and matching pair of shoes. The shoes you opt for must be comfortable enough to walk. Good and comfortable shoes will allow you to walk confidently and will definitely enhance your personality.