Don’t you ever ignore your hair? Hair not only works as a big fashion statement but also in a way are mirror to your health. Winters are approaching fast. Your hair as always can be the first victim of harsh winters. Not need to ignore you bad hair conditions. There might be some serious issues related to your health. Listed below are some of the symptoms related to your hair that can never be ignored:

Weak Hair

These days it’s become fashion to use hair dryers and straightener’s.  The problem with these devices is that these uses heating in one way or another to manage your hair. However excessive use of these hair designing devices can weaken your hair. But very often the hair weakness is related to dehydration.  Make sure to drink at least two litre of water daily. But if in case this does not sort out your brittle hair problem then go and consult doctor. Because it happens that sometimes this can be the sign of thyroid.  A daily supplement of Omega 3 along with Vitamin D can also help in regaining lost crowning glory.


Every second person in this world is suffering from dandruff. Most of them just ignore and don’t use any medication. But this is really important to get rid of dandruff because there can be many reasons behind dandruff scaly scalp. Sometimes you can get dandruff because of lack of proper sleep. Just take proper rest daily and see if there is any improvement. You can also use some medicated shampoo to get rid of dandruff.

Thinning of Hair

Mostly women face this problem of hair thinning. This is said that most of the women have hair thinning issues post menopause. If in case you are amongst those unlucky women having hair thinning issues post-menopause the go and visit physician. Ask your doctor for HRT. HRT id recommended as permanent remedy to treat hair thinning.

Greying of hair at early age

You must have met many young boys and girls in their early twenties with grey hair. Greying of hair in early age is usually because of some hormonal issues or sometimes stress. This can also be because of thyroid or diabetes problem. You must visit your doctor if in case your greying of hair is accompanied by excessive thirst.

Losing hair

Receding hairline is the worst nightmare of every men and women in this world. Mostly people attribute receding hairline to the ageing factor. But mostly this is because of lack of proper eating habits. Sometimes boys and girls go on crash diet in order to have a zero figure. The improper diet can definitely cause extensive hair loss.