Office or your work place is a place where you spent most time of your day. You definitely fill up your wardrobe as per your office needs. Most of you might require dressing professionally while at work. Very few of you dress in casuals while at work. In addition to your formals you must also focus on your accessories like bangles & earrings etc.

Bally Chohan Fashion team would like to share some amazing ideas to choose right earrings for your office. Earrings definitely provide you with much needed glamour look; however you must choose them carefully so that they go with your office environment. Remember your dressing sense is always appreciated if you dress up in right way.

Earrings play an important role in the way you look but make sure to pick earrings as per your facial structure. Picking up wrong earrings can spoil the way you look whereas the right earrings will give your face a fresh and energetic look. Following useful tips will definitely help you in picking up right earring for your office:

-          Consider buying a dangling or teardrop earrings if in case you have oval face. Hanging earrings will suit an oval face the most.

-          Hanging earrings will also suit round face a lot.

-          Just go in for hoop earrings if in case you have square face.

-          Pearl earrings will suit narrow face the most.

Never ever wear long earrings while you are in office. Long earrings with formal dress are strictly no. You can wear long earrings with casual dress but never wear long earrings while you are at work.

Make sure that you match your earrings with your watch or say bangles that you are wearing. Your earrings must go well with the other accessories you are wearing.

Don’t go in for colourful earrings at your workplace. The best earrings to wear at workplace are that of silver or white gold. Even gold earrings go well with your formals. Some other colours are also acceptable at office but make sure to wear shades like emerald, rubies or topaz.

You can also wear some classic designed earrings at your workplace.