Finally winters are here and its time for all those heavy cloths. A winter definitely is the most loved season. Ask anybody and he will vouch for winters. Winter allows you to wear whatever you want and you have many eating options also.

The only problem many face is to decide on what they can wear in their office during winters. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing winter dress for office but always remember that any winter dress in black will keep you warmer than any other colour. Make black as your first choice for winter office dress. Also you can opt for some cosy fabrics like silk and velvet.

Girls can opt for Japanese prints. Kimono queen is one of the most sought after Japanese print. Earlier people used to take this as traditional dress however the times have changed. Kimono is no longer treated as traditional dress only. Just go in for white shirt or top with Kimono printed cover-up.

Kurta is an all time favourite office wear for any lady. She just feels comfortable in kurta. You can go for Crop Hop along with kurta in office. The only point to be taken care of is to keep fitting of this Crop Hop comfortable. And also do remember to choose some flowy fabric. Just go with some sober prints and avoid right colours.

There are many in this world who believes that you can only look sexy and trendy by showing your skin. Rather the truth of the fact is that you can look trendy and sexy in head to toe dress also. Look at women from Middle East. I basically find women from Middle East as the sexiest females in this world. You can go for an overcoat and look sexy and trendy.

Come winters and you get an opportunity to take out your suits from cupboard. Suits are best for business meetings and high level professional engagements.

Most of us love winters because this season gives us an opportunity to take out our jackets. I can’t see anyone who does not like to wear jacket. Bally Chohan recommends black jacket as this will go with any colour trouser and even jeans.