Bally Chohan Fashion team are firm believer in an age old saying “First impression is the last impression.” Always remember that the first impression while on your first date will matter lot in building your relationship with your date. So please follow the fashion tips by Bally Chohan to make your first date as the most memorable date.

Decide as per venue of your date

Make sure to check where you will be going on for your first date before deciding on what to wear. Because you won’t be comfortable in formals if in case you are going for hiking on your first date. On the other hand, if your date is scheduled in some classy restaurant than you won’t feel comfortable in jeans or casuals.

Try and wear jeans along with some loose fir T-Shirt if in case you have planned your date in a park or sea side. If in case you are comfortable wearing skirts than make sure to wear some comfortable skirt. Avoid wearing short skirts.

Please make sure to check if the restaurant has some dress code etc ff your date is scheduled at some trendy restaurant than. What we can suggest is a black dress and some jewellery.

Don’t wear heels if in case you are not too comfortable wearing heels.

Always remember to be comfortable

Just think of a situation whereby you are on your first date with your boyfriend and you keep adjusting your skirt because you feel that it’s too high. This happens only when you don’t find yourself comfortable in certain dress or if you are wearing any dress for the first time.

Never wear any new dress that you have on worn before on your first date. It has been found in research that it usually takes time for most of the girls to get accustomed to new dress. Therefore always wear dress that you find most comfortable in on your first date.

Nice to be different

It’s always nice to stand out from the crowd. Try and wear a dress that make you feel above everybody else in the party. Wear some bright colours if it suits you.

Use perfume in limit

Don’t use perfume in excess. Try and wear some light perfume on your body. Sometimes many strong perfumes don’t go well with others in the party.

Clean yourself

What you wear on your first date is important but the most important is how clean you are. Make sure to clean yourself thoroughly while you get ready for your first date. Go to some parlour and get rid of unwanted hair from your body. Shower properly and get ready for your most awaited first date.