What seems as an unusual fashion trend, the super singer Miley Cyrus has colored the hair of her armpit as vibrant Pink? She shared her photographs with pink armpit hair with the world via popular social media website Instagram. She shared her pink armpit pictures on Thursday and Friday. Cyrus is famous for sharing her pictures with the world whenever she has some body transformations of sorts.

The photographs released via Instagram on Thursday she was seen posing with the popular hair colorist Justin Anderson and Chris McMillan. The picture released on Thursday had both of them displaying their armpit hair covered with white foam. However, later in the day there was one more post from Anderson that showed him along with Miley Cyrus where Cyrus can be seen smoking a cigarette.

Then came another photograph, later in the day where Cyrus was seen showcasing her pink arm pit hair. She was seen wearing pink pig mask with a bottle of beer in her had. This time around there was only photograph but no message from Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus is famous for being in fashion magazines for some odd reasons. She never mind wearing dress which shows her inner body parts. In a recently held at the Met Gala she was seen wearing dress that exposes her lower parts to the full.

She came to the party in a dress that is dangerously low. The hair was dyed as silver grey.  Other than her dyed hair she was wearing minimal makeup on the day. The dress of the Cyrus on this particular occasion revealed that for she was not wearing any underwear on that particular day. She was very comfortable in the dress and carried that dress very well. She posed to the photographers in different angles. Some people might agree to disagree that she was wearing the most conservative dress on that particular day.

Bally Chohan would like to share an exclusive photograph of Miley Cyrus showcasing her private body parts.