I am a fitness freak. I always love to be fit. But I am not very much into fashion. I don’t follow trends blindly. However there are certain things that I always like to have in my wardrobe. Let me share with you the things that I should and in fact every man should have in his wardrobe.

SunglassesBally Chohan Sunglasses


Sunglasses are the most important and you can say my only fashion accessory. I am very possessive about my sunglasses. So according the most important thing that every man should have in wardrobe is Sunglasses.

White Button down Shirt

bally chohan White Button down Shirt

I just love mu white button down shirt because this is one shirt that goes well with just about anything. I wear this shirt with my jeans as well as with my suit. Even this goes amazingly well with my jumper.

White T-Shirt

bally chohan White T-Shirt

I love to be in T-Shirt and amongst all white t-shirt is my favourite. Why do I love the white t-shirt most, because this goes with everything I have in my wardrobe? The only point to remember while going in with white t-shirt is that the t-shirt has to be of the best available quality in the market. The quality cannot be compromised. The good quality fabric will make you look and feel great.

Blue Shirt

bally chohan Blue Shirt

Blue is my favourite colour. I believe in numerology and my numerologist told me that I should try and wear blue as much as possible. You will mostly see me in blue while I wear formals.

Navy Blue Jumper

Bally Chohan Navy Blue Jumper

I always prefer crew neck jumper during winter. My favourite in my wardrobe is crew neck blue jumper. This jumper goes extremely well with my white button down shirt and blue denim. People have often complimented me that I really look sexy in this dress. I usually wear this while going out for drink during weekends.

Black Shoes

Bally Chohan Black Shoes

I prefer black lace-ups for formals. My favourite brand as far as shoes goes is Prada. A pair of black lace-ups from Prada is just out of this world. You cannot ask for anything more if you have these shoes in your wardrobe.

Navy T-Shirt

Bally Chohan Navy T-Shirt

I have number of good quality navy t-shirts in my wardrobe. The best thing about these navy t-shirt is that this is perfect combination with casual blazer and blue denim jeans.