When we hear about word Fashion our mind gets struck by so many different things and idea. Fashion word itself is a very vast thing to describe that never ends.

Fashion is a kind of modern behavior of people that is usually eclipsed by them according to the newly trends in the market.

Word fashion itself is surrounded by so many things that include styles like clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture.

CLOTHING: Clothes are generally prepared some fiber plants such as cotton, plastics such as polyester, or by hunting animals and making use of animal skins and hairs such as wool. Humans have started wearing clothes many years ago. In India people from different cultures have followed different ways of wearing clothes and that differentiates them from their religions and cultures.

ACCESSORIES: Apart from clothes and footwear’s, anything that is carried along is an accessory. Accessories are put along to give glamour to looks. It includes ear-rings, clutches, shades, bangles, hand bags etc.

FOOTWEAR: Anything that covers your feet logically becomes footwear. In India there are so many cultures and some cultures even don’t permit to take footwear’s along inside a home.

MAKE-UP: Make-up was created to enhance the physical emergence of human being. It also brings glamour to a women’s face. There are so many benefits of using make-up as:-

  1. Hides defects on skin.
  2. Protect from direct sun rays.
  3. Enhances appearance.
  4. Lifts confidence.
  5. Increases definition.

BODY PIERCING: Body Piercing is a kind of fashion that usually people do by creating an opening to their body parts in which later jewellery can be fixed to look fashionable. Ear piercing and nose piercing are the most common piercing practices that is adopted by the people all over the world.

The fashion industry is a brand of the modernized age. In the mid 19th century clothing was handmade for individuals, either prepared at home or made by outfitters and tailors by giving order a week before or even more.

By the start of 20th-century with the hikes of new technologies like automatic sewing machines, clothing had increased rapidly and became a mass produced product all over the world in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices.

Fashion reflects a positive attitude of doing work that can be molded according to your nature.