Today in 21st century, whole world is divided in different areas. Everyone’s life is moving at very rapid speed and as so, our traditions and rituals are also changing with the advancement of fashion. Killing fight between traditional ethics and western ethics can be very easily determined by anyone. New styles of dressing and clothing are is easily illustrated by the people of the country. In the present days, people are more attracted by the western culture as compared to Indian culture, accommodating their styles of clothing widely.

At some point, we can see that there is an endless variety of Indian Clothes available in the market likewise on the other hand Western attires are also present to chase the fashion industry and markets with their vast range of availability in different fascinating designs and styles. This boom has created a clear race based condition for both Indian and Western markets to overcome the other.

Even though it is good to adapt new cultures and traditions, but leaving our own culture is not a good practice. Isn’t it? Yeah, it is true.

INDIAN ATTIRES: Indian Tradition is so great in itself that no style or fashion can beat it. Their availabilities according to different religions and cultures make them the most demanding apparels all over the world. Indian style helps you look glamorous sustaining your traditional values. This is the only reason people from the entire globe attracts towards the Indian clothing.

Although western apparels like min skirts, shorts, jeans, tops etc are widely adopted clothes by our new generation, but still affluence of Indian Traditional clothes like sarees, lehangas, anarkali suites etc can never be left untouched.

People always switch to Indian apparels when it comes to attend ritual ceremonies, weddings or any other traditional functions. There are plenty of incidents where celebrities from Bollywood to Hollywood go for the Indian styles.