Every time we heard about fashion, so many ideas, so many different styles and so many traditions strike to one’s mind. Till date fashionable clothes were something that could be visualised by everyone due to its simplicity and attractiveness it spreads after wearing the attires. But, that’s not the case now. Designers have taken the level of arts to hikes and 3D PRINTING is one among them.

3D Printing has made a successful place in the fashion world. Fashion designers from all over the world are coming out with more and more technological fashion. Some are experimenting with the metallic outfits that are later used for the robotics movies. Thus establishing new technologies still has limitations.

The first 3D printing fashion show was held in New York, revealing about the future of fashion. Reason behind the concept of 3D printing is: every household will be having a printing machine at their places so that they can design and produce their own products by simply printing them. Now, the consumers itself will become the producers that will ultimately results into no-waste production.

Idea of 3D printing is a preservative method: where new structures can be built in three dimensional structures without any sort of wastage. Plastic is the most essential raw material used for 3D printing which can be followed by metals and biomass in the coming years. It’s just a matter of time or else 3D knitting and 3D cloth together can also do wonders in building one’s new wardrobe.

Though it sounds smooth, 3D objects printing is in demanding.  Before any final step, a 3D model is prepared and a need of software that ensures about the measurement of object and for its data conversion. This all needs great technical knowledge.

There are some limitations of 3D printing:

  1. Choosing right plastic as raw material.
  2. 3D printer is always specialised in only one material.
  3. 3D printing is not meant for everyday use.
  4. Objects used are very sensitive and fragile.