Do you lack somewhere in your make-up styles? Do you often visit to parlor when going for some function or any event? Well no more to worry for your make-up styles. Today we have added some very easy and quick tips to give you professional looking make-up styles.

Trying these tips and tricks, you don’t have to become a professional make-up artist but you will be able to do a professional and fabulous looking make-up by your own. I took years to learn my face shape, what color is best suited to me, how to apply make-up, and how much make-up (in Quantity) should be taken at a time so as to look natural and beautiful. And finally I perfected my job.

Now you must be wondering that how will you manage your busy schedule? Don’t worry. You don’t have to spend hours doing it, either. Once you are expertise, you will be able to highlight your best features and hide those that aren’t favourable to you.

So, here’s a list of very smooth and easily done tips and trick for you:

  1. Try using a plastic spoon for applying mascara to give thicker coat on your bottom lashes without spreading it on your under eyes skin.
  2. Determine your face shape before applying blush.
  3. To hide your eye bags, highlight the area of eye and apply darker shade of concealer to disguise eye bags.
  4. Do the correct placement of highlights. Always apply lighter shades around the inner corners first and then apply the darker shades.
  5. Take some sugar and coconut oil and brush your lips with this mixture using baby brush to peel your lip’s dead skin. Apply lip balm before scrubbing for fine results.
  6. Use white pencil eyeliner instead of black to make your eyes look bigger than usual.
  7. Use business card for applying faster and thicker mascara in a mean time.
  8. Use liner before applying lipstick for bigger and beautiful lips like Angelina Jolie’s lush lips.
  9. Always apply downward strokes while applying moisturizer and foundation on your face for better and long lasting results.
  10. After applying your lipstick, take a tissue paper and hold it over your lips and apply powder over the tissue for long lasting effect.

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