Free Company Name generator tools

Setting up a successful business, be it online or brick and mortar can be very liberating. However, it doesn’t come without challenges. It can be nerve-wracking. From raising capital to carrying out market research and analysis to marketing campaigns, it isn’t for the faint-hearted.
A good business name is one that stands out from the crowd and gets noticed. With a good name, a brand crosses one major hurdle. Highly beneficial to start-ups, free company name generator tools are now readily available to ease the headache of finding the right name.

• What’s in a name?

A company’s name is the face of its brand. It is the first thing customers see and like in all relationships; first impressions count for a lot. The right business name plays a pivotal role in driving a brand’s growth.
To better understand the role a name plays in determining just how powerful a brand can become, think Nike, Google, Shopify, Walmart, Pepsi and the like. These companies have gone on to become instantly recognizable household names worldwide.

• First Impressions

Think of your company as a person and its name as a first handshake or smile, it says a lot about you and makes a powerful impression. It will often determine whether or not a customer would like to engage and continue interacting with your brand.
For start-ups, a name should adequately sum up everything the company is about at first glance. Looking at the names of companies such as Apple or Nike may not necessarily speak to what they are about but remember they invested fortunes to build and market their brands.
The perfect business name should be evocative and memorable. Mediocre sounding company names are a put-off and could spell doom. A name has the potential to make the difference between a business floundering or flourishing as it should.

• Picking a Winning Name

First, a little collaborative brainstorming. Once you identify a good name generator tool online, it will prompt you to enter keywords that relate to your product, service, or business into a search box and proceed to generate hundreds of business names for shortlisting.
From a shortlist of names generated, try to settle on those that effectively communicate value, strength or uniqueness of your business while eliminating those that are difficult to remember, speak, spell, or connect with.

• Feedback and Sampling

It is a good idea to try and get feedback from different sources to gauge which names would sit better with potential clients. Family, friends, colleagues and even target market customers all make for some great sampling resources.
Ask questions such as what they think each name communicates to them, what feelings it evokes, what level of trust they assign to it, relevance to the nature of your business, and so on. Such questions will give you a fairly accurate picture of which names better resonate with shoppers.

• Name Generator Advantages

Making use of a name generator has numerous advantages. Firstly, it takes the headache out of having to come up with various ideas from scratch. A name generator will sift through thousands of names to compile a list of suitable names based on your business variables.
Another advantage of using a name generator offers is that it is free. When you are looking to open a business, start-up costs can quickly spiral out of control. Keeping expenditure as low as possible is always in a business’s best interest.
A name generator is also very easy to use. It doesn’t require one to be particularly tech-savvy to operate. The simplified process and functionality built into name search generators make it very easy for even complete novices to manipulate.
Good online name generators also search for the availability of domains associated with any business names suggested. From obtainability to pricing, all this information is available at the touch of a button to anyone searching for a company name.

• Avoiding Typical Business Naming Mistakes

Checking out the competition can be beneficial when looking for a business name. A business name should not be very similar to that of a rival company, particularly if the competitor is an established business.
The danger here is that a potential customer may get confused and end up taking their business to the competition. Your company name should stand out and set you apart from those offering the same products or services that you are.
Another common mistake made when naming businesses is the undue influence of trends or fads. A business name should remain relevant and stand the test of time. What is fashionable and trending today might sound outrightly silly tomorrow, so it is important to guard against the temptation to use such names.
Generic or geographically limiting names are yet another common pitfall. Think growth. Naming a company “London Cheese” for example, limits and confines it to London and the selling of cheese, posing a challenge should you want to do product diversification and expansion beyond London.

• Trademarking and Legal

The sad fact is the world of business copyrights can and get rough and ugly. Granted It is one scenario nobody hopes ever to encounter, with some not even wanting to give it a moment’s thought, but it is nevertheless imperative to make plans to cushion and protect your business as best you can.
One effective way to protect your company from copyright infringement is by trademarking your business name. This serves the dual purpose of deterrence as well as the entitlement to legal redress should a violation of this nature occur.
To guard against unauthorised use and assure a business owner of exclusive utilization of its name along with the goods, products and services associated with it, one would be wise make to use of the function within a name generator to find relevant information on trademarking.

Final Thoughts

It turns out a name isn’t just a name. In the world of business, it becomes the face of your brand, your identity. Picking a winning name for your company ensures you are off to a flying start. It needs to be well thought out as it could well be what gives your business an edge over the competition.